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She swung her legs back and forth, because they didn’t reach the floor. She nodded her head. “I suppose I get it though,” she replied. “….it must be hard living your life in the spot light?” she asked.

"Yeah. Everyone always watching you. I love the fans but it can be overwhelming." He said putting the chalk and leaning on the wall. "People judging you. Fans that aren’t real fans saying you suck. It can really be bad." He explained.


"Ah, well they’re very lucky to have a brother like you," Sasha replied with a soft smile, as she placed the chalk back in the container and wiped her chalk covered hands on her dress. Her arms, and even hair had white dust all over it. She moved to sit up on the desk that was next to the chalkboard. “…really?”

Zayn looked up with smile and nodded at her statement about her sisters being lucky. He had often teased them about it but he knew that without them making other girls happy wouldn’t make sense to him. Zayn picked another chalk color and continued to draw finishing the flower. He looked up with a frown and brow furrowed as he realized Sasha had over heard him. “Yeah..” He replied simply.


Sasha nodded her head and smiled. “I guess they’re what makes the music that more special,” she replied and looked over at him from the corner of her eye, a small smile crossed her lips again, as she moved on to start another flower.

"Yeah. I mean, I have three sisters and I know how hard it is for them with boys and feeling insecure." He said with a frown as he made another flower. "So I can imagine how hard it can be for girls out there. So it’s important at least for myself to know that our music can make every girl feel special." Zayn continued. "Even I’m insecure." He whispered before he could stop himself.

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