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The TARDIS landed hard, the Doctor was still unconscious on the floor. After a few minutes he woke up, he was glad that he was alright. As always he had been running, never stopping, he had been lucky to make it on to the TARDIS. The Doctor got up and dusted himself a frown on his face as he steadied himself. Just as he was about to check the console a dizzy spell hit him and he had to sit on the pilots chair. Taking a few deep breaths he tried to calm himself, he got up slowly and sighed.

"I wonder where Susan has gone off to?" He asked himself. Susan was his granddaughter and companion since he ranaway from Gallifrey. She had fallen in love but refused to leave the Doctor alone. The Doctor stopped and tried to rethink, that didn’t sound right? There were others but as he tried to remember there was nothing. He had traveled alone after Susan, fighting Daleks and Cybermen, along with other creatures. Still something felt wrong, or maybe it was the running he did from the Shadows.

Needing to think the Doctor grabbed his trench coat and walked out of the TARDIS locking the door behind him. As he looked around he was glad to see he was on Earth again.

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